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About Us

FOSIL ENERGY is formed in 2014 as a YCM GROUP organisation which is works on fields like rail systems, energy, maintenance activities, transportation, communication, construction and consultancy. With their founding partners’ industry experience and mentality of superior quality, FOSİL ENERGY is started on their trading life with the continuous improvement and development vision.


FOSIL ENERGY serves in rail systems which is increasingly gaining more importance and adopts their experiences that acquired as FOSIL COMPANIES which is formed in 2014 as an expertise company and uses these experiences as their own intellectual fund. Since FOSIL ENERGY formed, their labor policy about Rail Systems (catenary, signaling, consultancy, superstructure material supply and its mounting) and Renewable Energy Systems (solar fields and wind power plants) comes to life with their different engineering solutions, practical experiences, expert human resources and their special machine park.


The purpose of FOSIL ENERGY is to maintain their continuity of the trust which is comes with their quality products and services and continuity of their leadership in the rail systems. FOSIL ENERGY is a multifunction company in Turkey which is makes turnkey rail system projects, maintenance-repair and reinforcement of the existing rail systems, and designs including high engineering solutions.


FOSIL ENERGY in accordance with the mission;
-As a leading company and brand which aims to be a leader in Rail Systems sector in worldwide, they offers customized services and alternative solutions with their “holistic solution” service.


-Aims to identify their name to “Rail Systems” notion and took that identification with trust, experience, expertise, sustainability and adopts all as their basic vision.


-Invests in the horizontal and vertical fields for integrated solutions in the rail systems and makes trading or strategic collaboration with the other sectors which works for rail systems, and accepts these as important elements for their vision.


*For FOSIL ENERGY, future is not an expectation, it’s a challenge that needs to be built today.
FOSİL ENERGY does their jobs of pledge, manufacture, maintenance and consultancy with superior quality and the vision of advanced technology driven engineering, thus they serves as the main contractor and sub-contractor in the industries they are working on.